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KamTeks Technical Team

KamTek derives its strength from a highly innovative and professional team combining biotech and business expertise. The biotech expertise encompasses Molecular Biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Virology, and Tumor Biology. In addition, the team also has extensive experience in other key biotech areas such as contract research, product development under GMP conditions, biotech and clinical laboratory operations under GLP guidelines from NIH, CDC, and FDA.

The KamTek team of following professional staff members is led by Dr. Sharan VedBrat.

Dr. Sharan VedBrat, President and Founder of KamTek, Inc. has over 25 years of combined experience in basic research, contract research, clinical laboratory operations, and business management and product development.

Dr.Randeep Ghariyal, with substantial research and industrial experience. She has great strength in management of Systems Biology Operations of working with microarrays.

Dr. Wolf Prensky, Consultant and Director of Research and Development at KamTek, Inc. has over 30yrs. of success working in basic and applied research, clinical laboratory operations and product development.

Dr. Alfred Hellman, Consultant and KTI collaborator, also has extensive research experience both with government laboratories and with the private sector.

Dr. Ashok Dhawan, Biotechnologist and Senior consultant at KTI. He has over 32 years of extensive research experience in Cell and Tissue Culture, Biotechnology and Molecular biology.

Ms. Hardip Bakshi, Management consultant has years of extensive management experience.

Mr. Mayank Ahuja, Quality Assurance Lead & Biotechnologist

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