KTI offers a wide-range of cell culture services associated with the establishment, expansion, cryo-preservation and storage of normal and atypical cell lines. We provide a highly effective and efficient arrangement for your experimental needs of cultured cells. Cultures are established to meet your specifications for animal source, dishes for plating, cell density and any other specified parameters. Cultures are established with a few days notice for the first time and on specified delivery days thereafter.
KTI technical staff works closely with the investigators to identify and comply with their specific needs. For example, depending on the needs of the project,EBV TRANSFORMATION may be set up with a) relatively fewer PBMCs keeping remaining as a back up cry-preserved stock, b) cryo-preserved PBMCs from a client, c) cord blood cells or, d) use all available fresh PBMCs for bulk transformation to screen for human Monoclonal antibody productions followed by cloning steps.

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